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Vinyl Flooring: Pros And Cons 

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What are the pros and cons of vinyl flooring? If you’re considering installing new floors, you may wonder if vinyl suits your needs and budget. This material is popular because it’s affordable and versatile. But it’s not always the perfect option for every situation. This guide will help you decide whether this is the right flooring for you. 

What is Vinyl Flooring? 

Vinyl flooring is made of composites that are long-lasting and easy to install. It’s a versatile flooring option because it can boast designs that mimic many materials. Popular vinyl flooring designs can look identical to wood grain, slate and granite. You can imitate the appearance of these materials rather accurately without the hassle of a complicated installation and exorbitant prices. 

Vinyl comes in multiple forms. You can get rolled vinyl which only needs to be laid out and cut to size, or you may choose planks or tiles instead. Many vinyl tile and plank products allow you to install them by snapping the pieces together. 

Pros of Vinyl Flooring 

Advances in vinyl production have made it a more popular flooring option worldwide. Some of the reasons people love vinyl include the following: 

It’s Versatile 

Vinyl flooring can be indistinguishable from wood grain and other options to the naked eye. Some products even mimic the texture. You also have many choices when choosing vinyl floors, so you can choose colours and patterns that aren’t available in other materials. 

It’s Quiet 

Vinyl floors are a lot quieter than wood or ceramic. They absorb the impact of footsteps so that you don’t need to be distracted by someone walking through the house. 

It’s Waterproof 

Vinyl is water resistant, making it an excellent choice if you’re worried about moisture and water damage. Many people finish their basements with vinyl flooring because it can hold up if flooding or leaking occurs. 

It’s Easy to Work With 

Vinyl is much easier to install than other types of flooring. If you’re a homeowner, you likely also know the importance of flooring upkeep. Luckily, vinyl is durable and easy to maintain. 

It’s Affordable 

One of the most significant benefits of vinyl flooring is that it can save you a lot of money. You can emulate the look of more expensive materials without completely breaking the bank. 

Cons of Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl isn’t the right choice for everyone. Here are some disadvantages of vinyl floors to consider: 

It Doesn’t Like Excessive Heat or Sun 

Avoid putting vinyl flooring in areas of the home that receive more sunlight than usual because the material can fade over time. The same is true with heat. Vinyl is more likely to degrade when exposed to high temperatures. 

It Doesn’t Hold Up Against Sharp Objects 

Like other flooring options, vinyl can dent or puncture. Keep this in mind when choosing which rooms to install this material in. While it’s generally durable, it may not hold up as well in areas with aggressive foot traffic and external impact.

Ready to Elevate Your Space?

When deciding which option is right for you, remember to consider the following: 

  • Your budget for the project 
  • Your family’s needs 
  • Whether you’re installing the flooring yourself or paying for installation 
  • How much upkeep you’re willing to perform 

If you have any questions or want help finding the perfect flooring for your home, contact us at Rome Flooring. We have options for any budget or style preference, and we have the experts to help you take your home to the next level!