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As an Ottawa flooring store specializing in hardwood floors, Rome Flooring is renowned for its superior finishes, precise installations, and vast selection of flooring offered at some of the most affordable prices in the flooring industry. We only offer our customers the highest grade of hardwood flooring options available today. We offer hardwood products at every price point to ensure you can find something that fits within your budget. We make it easy to find the right colour scheme and price point that will work perfectly in your home or new office space.

Our Hardwood Flooring Solutions

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Our prefinished hardwood is specially treated with powerful sealers to be even more durable than their hardwood counterparts. Prefinished wood flooring products will maintain their finish for decades. Not only that, but it is just as strong and dependable as other options as it still consists of solid wood. They can be refinished, including sanding and re-staining, without any trouble.

Site-Finished Hardwood Flooring

Site-finished hardwood floors are your best bet if you want to mimic the hardwood flooring look. They have a smooth, even, traditional hardwood appearance and feel, with no grooves, so the wood floors look natural once installed.

With site-finished hardwood flooring, you are able to select special widths, lengths, and other tailored design options. Because these floors are made specifically for your home and not mass produced, borders, and inlay styles can be easily modified as desired This is extremely useful if you are looking for bevelled edge profiles and/or other custom cosmetic techniques.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Of course, there is nothing quite like solid walnut or oak solid hardwood floors. Alternatively, consider the many other varieties of species we have available. Strong, hardy, and capable of wearing in a rich and beautiful patina as time goes on, they are a rich and luxurious option. As the term implies, it is a solid piece of wood cut from a single log – there is no layering or mixing of sources here.

Of course, with the added beauty and strength of solid hardwood comes its natural demeanour. Wood is a natural material, so it can change in composition over time. This is especially prevalent as it oxidizes, absorbs moisture, is met with UV light from the sun coming through a window or door, and otherwise adapts to your indoor environment. Our team is capable of not only carrying out a thorough and incredibly precise hardwood flooring installation, but we can also treat and finish the solid hardwood flooring surface as needed to ensure impeccable results and long-lasting quality.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Our engineered hardwood floors are a unique solution that is even more cost-effective, all without sacrificing quality or a beautiful result. It is constructed by wrapping a high-quality and dense plywood core with thick layers of hardwood veneer. The only tangible difference is what you will never see on the inside. It’s similar, in essence, to applying a laminate to a surface.

To promote added strength and resilience, the grains of the wood flooring are generally crossed with each layer, which is a common practice both when it comes to plywood construction and stacking veneer sheets. In many respects, this is equally as durable as solid hardwood flooring for everyday use in a home or business. This method has been used in engineered hardwood flooring construction and renovation projects for decades, not to mention classic pieces of furniture like the world-famous Eames Lounge. We are firmly committed to ensuring an equal level of premium fit, finish, and longevity when it comes to your engineered hardwood flooring.

Why Work with Rome Flooring?

Beautiful Flooring Finishes To Choose From

There is a wide range of options for you to choose from. We carry the highest quality materials in the hardwood flooring industry. These include maple (along with an etched option), elegant walnut, red oak, white oak, and wire brushed variants of select species. Each of our hardwood species is also available in an array of colours to easily match the look and design of your space. If you’re looking for more options, site-finished hardwood offers a greater variety of choices with ample finishes to choose from. Site-applied stains also come in a range of custom colours so you can get the exact look you desire.

Fast Installation

Our prefinished hardwood flooring, in particular, can be installed fairly quickly. You don’t have to install it in phases or wait for anything to cure or set. As soon as the planks are installed, the hardwood floors are ready to be used. With all wood floors, should extra work be required to install them, we are happy to deliver the most beautiful and durable results in the flooring industry – and in a time-efficient manner that respects your schedule and needs. Choose Rome Flooring as your Ottawa hardwood flooring store.

Flooring That’s Easy To Refinish

Our various hardwood floors will last for decades. If you wish to switch up the stain at any point to match a new renovation project, the wood can easily be sanded down, and a new stain and sealer may be applied. This is one of the benefits of having solid hardwood installed as flooring – refreshing it is straightforward and relatively hassle-free, especially when entrusting it to our professional and dedicated team with over 50 years of experience.

One of the biggest perks of having our hardwood flooring installed in your home is that you won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance, especially if you opt for a prefinished option. The long-lasting finish is virtually impervious to staining and discolouration. You won’t have to think about getting it redone like you would with other materials. With plenty of experience in the flooring industry, Rome Flooring is proud to serve its clients.

Additional Services

Sanding and Refinishing Services

We don’t just sell the wood. Our Rome Flooring team specializes in the installation, sanding, staining, and refinishing of hardwood flooring. Any element of maintenance or care required, we’re happy to help you look after your investment to ensure optimal longevity and satisfaction. We are happy to lay and finish your flooring to look exactly as you like. Our experts have decades of experience sanding solid wood floors and finishing them using specialized methods to ensure you get a premium final product, and you can count on us when the time comes for touch-ups or refinishing jobs.

Site Finishing Services

When hiring us for a site-finished hardwood flooring installation, we leave nothing to chance. Site finishing is a specialized process. If not done properly, you could be left with uneven flooring, gritty finishes and poor-quality staining. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional. At Rome Flooring, our experienced team never rushes a project or skips any steps. We sand, finish and stain every floor using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, always producing superior results.

Our Selection of Hardwood Flooring

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Best hardwood flooring company

Your crew worked efficiently and with great expertise. Rome Flooring is the best hardwood flooring company. Thank you from two appreciative customers.

- Bob and Paulette L., Ottawa

Prompt and professional

Thank you for coming to sand and varathane my kitchen and eating area so promptly. I was very impressed with all of your men who came and did a beautiful job.

- Paula and Jeff H., Ottawa

Our hardwood floors are beautiful

Thank you for the wonderful service your company has provided for us. Our new hardwood floors are beautiful. The workmanship is excellent. Your young men were courteous, obliging and so very respectful.

- Joanne and Graham P., Ottawa