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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Ottawa

Discover Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Like a fine wine or supple full-grain leather, hardwood flooring can age beautifully. It’s also possible to ensure long-lasting durability with proper care and treatment. If yours is in need of a little TLC, our team at Rome Flooring has the expertise and passion required to deliver outstanding results. Explore our options for hardwood floor refinishing in Ottawa today, ideal for residential and commercial environments.

Why Choose Rome Flooring for Your Floor Refinishing and Repair Needs

We are an incredibly detail-oriented team that takes pride in each comprehensive refinishing or repair job. Whether to cure deep scratches, cracks or otherwise, you can count on us to arrive ready with the equipment and years of experience – over 40, in fact – required to deliver the results you deserve. We’re also quick and efficient without compromising any essential steps, ensuring lasting satisfaction.

Our hardwood floor refinishing services can comprise of various steps, depending on what you require of us. We can perform floor repairs that address various forms of damage, including dents, hairline cracks, and otherwise. Or consider a thorough floor sanding, a refinishing process that makes short work of even the most stubborn scratches, along with clear-coating and repolishing. This is an ideal option for preserving more expensive species like walnut or cherry. Floor resurfacing is available as well, including any necessary reinforcements or plank replacements.

Restorative and Refinishing Surfaces

Sanding, buffing, repolishing, recoating, staining – we offer all the restorative and refinishing services required to enhance the natural beauty of your wood flooring. Our team is experienced in all aspects of refinishing and are ready to help you find a solution to your dull, stained or scratched up floors.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Type of Flooring Do You Service?

From beechwood to oak, acacia to black walnut, Rome Flooring can carry out a wide range of refinishing and repair services as needed. If you are concerned about whether we can service the particular type of wood in your home or business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Is a Refinished Floor Worth it?

Nowadays, hardwoods of any variety are higher in price than ever. This means that not properly treating, maintaining, or repairing your floors can cost you an astronomical amount in the long run if replacing planks as they deteriorate. Refinishing and repair services help to preserve the natural beauty and strength of your hardwood flooring, which also means that you’ll get to enjoy it for much longer. Occasional refinishes can do away with stubborn stains, deep scratches and grooves, holes and dents, cracks that can otherwise spread in colder weather, and more. Combined with our repair capabilities, we can also ensure even and smooth flooring free of hidden problems.

How Long Does Floor Refinishing Take?

This depends on the complexity of the work at hand, the square footage we need to cover, and even the species of wood in question, as some require different care and treatment approaches. We’ll be able to confirm the required duration once we inspect your flooring.

Will My Floors Look Brand New?

That’s the goal! While we can’t guarantee that your flooring will be restored to the showroom-new condition due to the natural ageing processes, oxidization, and other factors at play in organic materials like wood, refinishing will completely overhaul its appearance in most cases. We take the results as close to perfection as possible.

How Much Does Floor Refinishing Cost?

This will also vary depending on the amount of work and hours required, the size of the room, the species of your flooring, and other factors. Reach out to us for an estimate.

How Long Does a Refinished Floor Last?

We recommend getting your hardwood floors refinished every decade or so, perhaps a bit more frequently in high-traffic areas such as rooms frequented by children or office workers on a regular basis.

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Best hardwood flooring company

Your crew worked efficiently and with great expertise. Rome Flooring is the best hardwood flooring company. Thank you from two appreciative customers.

- Bob and Paulette L., Ottawa

Prompt and professional

Thank you for coming to sand and varathane my kitchen and eating area so promptly. I was very impressed with all of your men who came and did a beautiful job.

- Paula and Jeff H., Ottawa

Our hardwood floors are beautiful

Thank you for the wonderful service your company has provided for us. Our new hardwood floors are beautiful. The workmanship is excellent. Your young men were courteous, obliging and so very respectful.

- Joanne and Graham P., Ottawa