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About Us

Founded in 1969, Rome Flooring is a family-owned and run business that you can trust. We have earned a solid reputation in the Ottawa community for both service and quality. Joe Cama, our President and founder, built the business on the principles of solid values and exceptional customer service. This foundation has been passed along to his three sons, Vincent (Site Supervisor), Michael (Vice President) and Mark (Project Manager), who are proudly carrying on the Rome Flooring family legacy.

A Friendly, Well-Informed, and Dependable Family of Flooring Specialists

Rome Flooring proudly employs and trains our employees to ensure quality workmanship. Not to mention, all our professionals are skilled and have years of experience. With no middleman, you know exactly who is looking after your investment with care and precision. We keep up with the latest proven innovations, materials, and techniques to ensure lasting results you’ll cherish for many years to come. Should you have any questions, concerns, or even great ideas regarding your renovation, we’d love to hear from you, and we’re happy to refine any planned work to remain aligned with your needs.

From Wood Flooring to Laminate and Maintenance, We’re Proud of What We Do

Enhance your home with the natural beauty of hardwood flooring. Whether you are searching for a beautiful prefinished floor from our vast collection of products or sanding and refinishing your existing hardwood flooring, Rome Flooring will provide you with excellent advice and service. 

Alternatively, consider our wide range of other services including laminate and vinyl flooring, beautiful porcelain and ceramic tiling, dedicated floor maintenance and care services. Every job is treated as an opportunity, and we carry out tasks with considerable pride and passion. Along with the use of premium products, the results can then speak for themselves.

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A Commitment to Quality

Speaking of results, our approach is to respect every detail of a job. From the fit and precise finish of a richly toned hardwood to the feel of a hand gliding down a staircase railing, nothing is left to chance. When working with materials such as various woods, vinyl, and alternatives like ceramic, we wouldn’t have it any other way – and neither should you. This way, even years after we finish a job, clients can benefit from Rome Flooring’s commitment to everlasting quality.

Years of Practical Expertise

With such a legacy as ours, it’s no surprise that Rome Flooring is a renowned local name, trusted by countless homeowners over several generations. This translates to a whole lot of experience in a practical sense, learning and refining our services along the way. Such growth is essential for any service provider, but when it comes to our specific offerings, it means a higher level of craftsmanship and better problem-solving. Whether a job goes smoothly or encounters surprises along the way, you can depend on us to ensure a hassle-free and timely experience.

Honesty and Integrity

Whether you need us for a straightforward refinishing job or a multi-room makeover, you’ll always be well-informed without being overwhelmed. We at Rome Flooring strike the balance of transparency and non-intrusiveness, keeping you in the loop without getting in your hair. Since we take great pride in our work, we’re also honest about what we can do – and what we’ve done to make your project something truly special. 

Quality. Pride. Honesty. These are the hallmarks of the Rome Flooring name, and we’d love to show you what we can do. Reach out to us today to get started on planning your next project, or for more information about our range of services. We look forward to hearing from you!