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Four Factors to Consider Before Buying Vinyl Flooring

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Maybe you’re starting to plan for renovations or just looking to update your home. When designing your dream room, you might skip ahead and start choosing furniture and accent pieces that will bring it all together. In reality, the paint on the walls and the type of flooring you choose will also set the tone for the space. Similar to the wide available spectrum of paint colours out there, vinyl provides ample options when it comes to the look you want underfoot. This layered, durable material is praised for plenty of reasons by homeowners. 

Thinking about how to choose vinyl flooring for your home? Let’s explore some important factors that could aid your decision-making process.

Room Type

One of the most significant deciding elements on the type of flooring you choose is the room it will be installed into. Vinyl is a great choice for high-traffic areas, such as your mudroom or hallway. In addition, it’s water-resistant, which means it can withstand spaces in your house that might see a bit more moisture like your bathroom or basement, all without warping or rotting. There are also several finishes to choose from, depending on the space’s exposure to dirt and humidity, that can ensure a beautiful and practical installation.

Style and Decor

With so many flooring materials available at renovation stores, it can feel overwhelming to decide on a look that will tie your room together. Stone, tile, and wood all have unique hues and textures that can help to complete the look you are going for. Working with experienced professionals means that they can share their eye for detail. We’re a great example of this at Rome Flooring, offering a deep well of knowledge of our products to help you decide. For example, the vinyl options we carry have various looks that mimic other flooring types, and they also have tones and lasered textures that create a realistic look to match your vision.

Budget and Cost of Installation

When adding anything new to your home, you have to consider your available budget and subsequent limitations. This should ideally cover the cost of materials as well as the labour needed to install them. Compared to the cost of other types of flooring, vinyl amounts to anywhere from two to 12 dollars a square foot, depending on the quality and brand you choose. This is reasonable when compared to the increased prices of wood and tile, which also could come with a hefty bill for installation depending on the ease of setup for your contractors.

Care and Maintenance

No matter what material you put on your floors, it’s going to gather dust, dirt, and debris floating around your home. Some floor materials require specialized cleaners and sealers, such as select hardwoods that need to be oiled semi-annually. Vinyl flooring, by comparison, is a low-maintenance alternative. A simple sweep followed by a mop with a vinyl-safe floor cleaner will do the job. And since it dries quickly, the flooring won’t show streaks. Since many vinyl flooring options already have a shiny finish, you can go a few extra days without cleaning if you need to, and it will still look great.

Whatever project you are working on, vinyl is a great choice with seemingly countless options to choose from. It might even help you narrow down paint colours or give you an idea for a design theme that will suit your room. If you’re curious how to buy vinyl flooring or which options are best for your space, working with an experienced retailer and installer is the ideal first step. At Rome Flooring, we’re passionate specialists who can help you find the right look to suit your needs and then install it with precision. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.