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Flooring Solutions for Seniors: A Guide to Safe and Stylish Options

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As we age, keeping our homes safe and secure is paramount. This might look like installing grab bars or non-slip rugs in high-traffic rooms. But when it comes to flooring, what is the safest option for seniors? While no one material will work best for everyone, some options stand out more than others. This guide reviews the flooring choices that can make your home safer for you or your older loved ones.

Factors to Consider for Seniors

When reviewing different types of flooring materials, consider installation options that accommodate your most pressing concerns. Here are some essential factors to keep in mind:

  • Look for slip-resistant options to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Review options that could reduce the severity of injuries if a slip and fall occurs.
  • Choose an easy-to-clean material.
  • Opt for flooring that minimizes the impact on indoor air quality if you are living with asthma or a respiratory problem.

Cork Flooring

Modern apartment living room with large TV over wooden cabinet Orchid, cork floorboards and door to corridor.

Cork flooring is a versatile option, coming in many styles and colours. It’s warm to the touch, making it more comfortable to walk on barefoot or in slippers. It also doesn’t require much effort to keep clean throughout all four seasons.

Another great benefit is that cork repels a lot of dust and allergens that can aggravate respiratory conditions. It works well for hallways, living rooms and dining areas. If you have pets or expect high traffic through a room, just be aware that cork can scratch and dent more readily than other materials.

Vinyl Flooring

A modern kitchen with white and black fronts and a large corner window, vinyl panels on the floor.

Vinyl flooring is a great choice if you use a wheelchair or a walker. This material is more durable than others and easier to maneuver using an assistive device. An underlayment specially designed to help absorb impacts from falls can also be installed so that should these accidents happen, they likely won’t cause severe injuries.

Vinyl is waterproof and can be used in just about any area of the home. Entrances, hallways and common living areas are all great places for this material. With many styles and options available, finding a look you’ll love is easy.


Fluffy carpet and stylish furniture on floor indoors, low angle view

Carpeting is a traditional option, but it’s also one of the best choices if you’re concerned about warmth, slip resistance and fall protection. It provides plenty of traction, can reduce the severity of impacts from falls, and is comfortable to walk on. Most people install carpeting in bedrooms, on staircases and in basements.

However, it is important to note that keeping this material clean and dry can be a challenge during rainy or snowy weather. Carpeting may also hold onto allergens and impact air quality more than other materials. 

Safer Homes Start With Flooring

As you work to ensure the rooms in your home are free of clutter and potential walking hazards, upgrading your flooring can be a great way to make your home safer overall. If you’re debating the safest flooring option for seniors, our team at Rome Flooring is here to help. We take every aspect of flooring into account, from safety to aesthetics. Contact us today for a free estimate on new flooring for your home.